Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A New Tuesday Favorite: Taco Lasagna


Tuesday is taco night in our house. It’s one of our favorite meals (Murphy included) and we have perfected the art of the double-decker taco. If you’ve never had one, you have to try it. Here’s how it works:

First get a small flour tortilla. Spread a thin layer of warm refried beans across one side. Then put a hard shell taco on top of the bean layer (we’ve found it’s best to break the hard taco in half and lay it out flat on top of the beans). Then start layering in the fillings. I start with meat, then my famous homemade guacamole, cheese, black olives, etc… Fold it back into the hard taco shell shape and you’re ready for the best Mexican food experience of your life!

Mexican is one of my favorite types of food. Italian is another. I was excited to find a recipe in the box that combined both of those into one dish: Taco Lasagna! I will warn you though, this makes enough to feed a small town (we froze over half of it). It would be a great meal to make for a party or large family gathering. And if you need a creative way to get in a strength training workout, lift the pan several times before putting it in the oven and then again after taking it out. I’m guessing it weighs about 10 pounds.

This recipe is more labor intensive than regular tacos so it won’t replace our Tuesday night tradition, but it will definitely make an appearance again. The only change I’d make, however, is to drain the olives (or at least one can). The recipe instructs to use the liquid from both cans, but we found that it made the sauce too runny. I also suggest serving it with sour cream, guacamole and perhaps even a side of Spanish rice. 

Tacos are one type of food that causes Murphy’s mouth to turn on the waterworks. He took one whiff of this meal and the floodgates instantly opened. So if we rate our food on a scale of drool, this one was a raging river (which may be the only time a raging river is considered a good thing – unless you are a whitewater rafter or if you are the one who has to clean up the dog’s mess).


  1. I just copied this to use for the b'day gathering. I'm getting so good at this computer stuff that I scare myself!!!!!! This sounds great and according to Murphy it is. :)

  2. YUM...I want to try this one soon. This is the coolest idea Molly!!!!